2017 Regional Symposiums

Creating an Organization that Embraces Cultural Awareness to Advance Equitable and Compassionate Care

Institute symposium hosted as part of the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) Conference

September 22, 2017, 1:00 – 4:30 p.m., Phoenix, Arizona

Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass
5944 W Wild Horse Pass Blvd.
Chandler, AZ 85226




Featured Presenter:

Sandra Ogunremi, DHA, MSA, B. Pharm, MPM, SCPM, CLC, CIM, senior diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, Regional Health

Dr. Ogunremi derives great passion from using her knowledge in helping the underprivileged and disparate communities. Under her leadership, over $11 million was brought in over a three year period to provide services to underserved communities. She is a Stanford Certified Project Manager, Certified Leadership Consultant and has other certifications that enable her to deliver her best.

She currently focuses on strategies related to diversity, equity, inclusion and promoting long-term retention of diverse caregivers. She leads organizational initiatives, workshops and training regarding diversity and cultural proficiency. She was appointed the first leader in Regional Health’s history to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Having lived on three continents and traveled extensively, she has experienced the wonderfully diverse cultures of the world and has coached leaders on them. Dr. Ogunremi is an ordained minister with Assemblies of God and serves as the Black Hills Sectional Representative for the Women’s Department of South Dakota. She has taught throughout the United States, Canada, Africa and England. She is most fulfilled when being used as a conduit to positively impact lives.


Symposium Workshop:

Hear insights from Regional Health, which has achieved positive outcomes through their work in health equity. Gain practical knowledge of how cultural awareness can be used to improve patient experience outcomes.

The session will help attendees learn to self-reflect on mental models and develop an awareness of the effects of cultural heritage on outlook. Participants will learn to de-escalate problems and misunderstandings that arise from cultural differences. The session will equip attendees to have a different outlook and approach toward culturally-related issues. This session will provide attendees with the knowledge to:

  • Explain and expound on cultural awareness in a positive manner;
  • Identify barriers to effective cross cultural communication;
  • Use the acquired knowledge to continue to develop cultural sensitivity and cultural competency; and
  • Discuss how to make equity actionable with leadership, resources, teams and partnerships.

$149 – Limited space is available - register today!

This symposium, a pre-conference event, is being held in conjunction with the AHVRP National Conference.  For more AHVRP program details, click here.


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