About The Program



 The Certificate in Diversity Management in Health Care (CDM) was launched in 2009 by the American Leadership Council for Diversity in Healthcare (ALCDH), and supported by the Institute for Diversity in Health Management (Institute), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association. In 2012, the CDM program became a joint project between the Institute and Georgetown University in Washington D.C.


Innovation and relevance are at the core of what we do. The content and learning experiences included in this blended program are focused on the practice of diversity management in the health care setting.

In keeping with the importance of providing evidence-based clinical care, the design of the CDM content and process incorporates evidenced-based management principles. It is designed to meet the professional development needs of students and professionals who are charged with managing or leading diversity initiatives in their health care organizations. Those successfully completing the program will be encouraged to add the CDM credential after their name. The CDM is a recognized credential by the American Hospital Association.

For more information, contact Jetaun Mallett at (312) 422-2692 or ifd-cdm@aha.org.

"Executives in Residence"

Seasoned diversity practitioners will make up our 'Executives in Residence.'  The 'Executives in Residence' will provide participants the unique opportunity to interact with highly-respected diversity practitioners who have many years of expertise in the field of health care management and disparities. These executives will interact with the students throughout their course, sharing their authentic, "real life" perspective and providing "real time" commentary on the students' discussions in their online courses and during the on-site face-to -face residencies.

For more information, contact Jetaun Mallett, at (312) 422-2692 or ifd-cdm@aha.org.