Certificate in Diversity Management in Health Care (CDM)

Diversity - Inclusion - Cultural Competence

For more information regarding the Fall 2018 Registration, contact Jetaun Mallett at (312) 422-2692 or ifd-cdm@aha.org.


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Diversity, inclusion and cultural competence are imperative for health care organizations, as the U.S. demographic landscape continues to change and regulatory agencies continue to implement requirements to improve safety and quality, reduce health care disparities and create more affordable care for patients.  The need to understand these changes and develop sustainable business strategies to manage them successfully requires leadership that can manage the intersection between diversity and health care business strategy. For health care organizations, this successful intersection will impact the patient experience, employee engagement, leadership development, service excellence, and safety and quality. A health care organization with a robust diversity strategy can impact the overall health of their local community positively by helping to eliminate health disparities and reduce the cost of care. The Certificate in Diversity Management in Health Care (CDM) builds effective, diverse leaders who can help drive those results.


The CDM fellowship is a 12-month blended curriculum that seeks to strengthen diversity leaders so they can improve the patient experience. This is accomplished by promoting a culturally competent workforce; leadership and governance that reflect the patients served to result in community involvement and trust; and strategies that drive increased business, higher performance and lower costs.  We do this by providing skill and leadership development to practitioners currently in the field of health care diversity management.  No other comprehensive diversity certificate fellowship is focused solely on health care and developed by accomplished diversity practitioners in the field.  The CDM fellowship is designed and taught by experienced diversity practitioners and supported by the Institute.


Our Mission

To lessen health disparities and improve the diversity of the health care workforce by providing skills, leadership and career development opportunities for diverse practitioners


Our Goal

To help diverse professionals develop the leadership competencies needed to bring about change within their institutions as well as their communities. Students will develop a diversity/disparity action plan that is linked to the strategies of their organizations.


Our Target Audience

Students and professionals who are charged with the leadership or management of diversity programs for their health care organizations. The fellowship is designed to meet the individual practitioners' needs by providing leadership development and professional mentoring and support as they develop cutting-edge leadership skills for today's complex health care arena.


For more information, contact Jetaun Mallett, at (312) 422-2692 or ifd-cdm@aha.org.