Announcement: AHA's Diversity Executive Fellowship Now Accepting Applications

January 1, 2018

The Richard J. Umbdenstock-Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (RJU-IFD) Executive Fellowship is a 12-month full-time intensive hands-on learning, study and professional development opportunity for a graduate of a master’s program related to health care administration, public health or a related field. This fellowship is located in the American Hospital Association’s Executive Office in Washington, D.C.

The Executive Fellow will conduct research, provide analytical support to the Executive Office, take part in executive-level activities, including meetings of the AHA Board of Trustees, and play an active role in other strategic initiatives.   Also, the Fellowship includes participation in cross association projects to organize and capture learning and recommendations for health care transformation in the future.  

RJU-IFD Executive Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for an individual who is passionate about health care, the future of our nation’s health care delivery system, and aspires to a leadership role in transforming health care. 

To apply for Executive Fellowship and for additional information, click here.

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