AHA Issue Brief: High-Need, High-Cost Patients

October 12, 2017

AHA Issue Brief on High-Need, High-Cost Patients

IssuesBrief_Oct.jpgAs a new generation of payment and delivery system reform emerges, much focus has been on a subset of the population referred to as high-need, high-cost patients. Hospital and health systems are leading interventions to address the needs of these patients, who account for a disproportionate share of the nation's disease and health care spending. The AHA is committed to developing and identifying team-based approaches to engage these patients across the continuum of care and address underlying behavioral and social risk factors. This issue brief provides an overview of the topic and provides resources and strategies to improve care for high-need, high-cost patients. Access the resource at www.aha.org/hnhc.

Denise Collins Communications Specialist Institute for Diversity in Health Management

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