Day 5: Eliminating Health Care Disparities

August 29, 2014

This week, the Institute for Diversity, in collaboration with Equity of Care, is featuring video vignettes of health care leaders sharing their ideas on eliminating health care disparities by increasing the collection of race, ethnic and language preference (REaL) data, increasing leadership and workforce diversity and providing culturally competent care. All agree that while hospitals have improved quality of care for diverse patient populations and increased leadership diversity, more work needs to be done.

Today's videos feature:

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters
Karin Ruschke
CCHI Commissioner 
Northwest Community Healthcare
Arlington Heights, IL
Raymond Grady
Woman's Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA 
Teri Fontenot
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bridgeport Hospital
Shelton, CT 
Shawna Denise Hall
Critical Care Resource Support Nurse

To view a listing of all the Call to Action video interviews, please click here.

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