Institute survey highlights hospitals' progress, opportunities to increase equitable care

June 22, 2016

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Hospitals are making some progress to achieve health equity, but more work needs to be done, according to a biennial benchmarking survey released last week the Institute for Diversity in Health Management. The survey found significant increases from 2013 in the percentage of hospitals that are using data on patient race, ethnicity and language to identify gaps in care and implement programs to improve quality. However, fewer than half of the hospitals surveyed used the data in this way. In addition, 80% of hospitals educate all clinical staff during orientation about how to address the unique cultural and linguistic factors affecting the care of patients, but minorities continue to be underrepresented on hospital leadership teams and governing boards. "The survey data show we must remain diligent and focus on strategies that support equity of care," said Institute President and CEO Tomás León. "These important insights will help the AHA and the Institute develop new strategies, programs and resources for the field to move beyond incremental progress." The AHA has launched its #123forEquity campaign to help accelerate progress on achieving health equity.


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