April 30 Diversity Dialogue - Diversity and Inclusion

April 9, 2014

Registration is open for the Institute’s next Diversity Dialogue, “Diversity and Inclusion is a Journey…Not A Destination,” which will take place April 30 from Noon – 1:30 p.m. Central Time.


Some health care organizations believe they’ve embraced diversity because they hire individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds or individuals who speak various languages. Other organizations believe they are diverse because they serve patients from different socioeconomic or religious backgrounds. However, what happens when the diversity of the staff conflicts with the diversity of the patients? How are these conflicts resolved to create an atmosphere of inclusion for patients and staff? In an effort to respect the rights of one, do we disrespect the rights of another? How should an organization respond when the patient says, “I have a right to decide who cares for me,” even if their request is based along race or gender lines? Does a health care provider have the right to refuse care for a patient based on the person’s religious beliefs?


The goal of this webinar, sponsored by Witt/Kieffer is to share Abington (PA) Memorial Hospital’s journey to diversity and inclusion. Participants will learn about Abington’s self-assessment, along with feedback provided from the assessments of its employees, patients and the community it serves. The webinar also will cover lessons learned and changes implemented as a result of these assessments. The end result: a clearly defined anti-discrimination policy applicable to everyone who enter its doors; mandatory diversity training for employees, volunteers and board members; and ongoing cultural competency education and awareness for staff to build a diverse and inclusive organization that respects and values everyone.


Introducing the webinar will be Jim Gauss, chairman of board services at Witt/Kieffer. Witt/Kieffer, a top ten executive search firm specializing in health care, has a long-standing committment to diversity and inclusion. A former IFD Board member and present Board member of AHA's Center for Healthcare Governance, Mr. Gauss has counseled hundreds of boards and search committees on organizational structure, core competencies for successful trustees and C-suite executives, leadership assessment and effective onboarding, among many other areas.


To register for this webinar, click here. For more information about the Institute's Diversity Dialogues, click here.

Pamela Janniere
Manager, Membership, Marketing and Education
Institute for Diversity in Health Mangement

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