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Registration for the 2015 season is OPEN.

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"Health care executives should take advantage of programs like the Institute's Summer Enrichment Program, which is an excellent pipeline for developing diverse talent. The interns are highly qualified future health care leaders who bring their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to their host sites and can tackle meaningful work, during their stay."

Todd Hallmark, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer, Choctaw National Health Services Authority
Bridges Newsletter, Fall 2011, Vol. XXI, Issue 4


About the program:

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management is seeking host sites to participate in the Institute’s Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). The SEP places promising, young, underrepresented graduate students in a 10 week, immersive internship at your hospital or medical center.  While the SEP interns enjoy a real-world internship experience at your facility, you gain access to the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Since 1994, more than 600 interns have successfully completed the program. Former SEP interns are now the CEOs and administrators of hospitals and medical centers around the country.

The Institute’s SEP partners include the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE).


SEP interns are all first and second year, health-management graduate students, who are currently enrolled in a nationally recognized graduate school. Interns maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and are extensively vetted by the Institute staff in a series of pre-placement interviews.

Approximately one quarter of SEP interns are offered permanent, full-time, post-grad work at their host site. The cost of hosting an SEP intern is significantly less than an extensive employment search for qualified MHA candidates for open job positions.

Participation in the SEP also sends a powerful message that your hospital is committed to inclusive cultural diversity at the same time that it gives minority graduate students the jumpstart that they need to begin their healthcare careers.


For a more thorough introduction to the program, please download and view the  "SEP Introductory Brochure".

Getting registered:

(Note: You will be matched with students in the order that you register for the program. Early registrants will get priority status in the matching process. Do not delay in committing to the program.)

To Register as a Host Site for the Summer Enrichment Program, click here. (Note: There is no cost for registering for the program. You will not be invoiced until you select an intern.)

1.) Where it says, "Enter your Organization:" enter IFDSEP.

2.) Enter your profile information. (Note: Be sure to fill out the grey "Host Site Section".  Skip the blue "Student Section".)

3.) Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email with your Profile Id. Hang onto that. You'll need that to login, update your profile and search for interns.

4.) Download and review the SEP Host Site Manual. (Your guide to administrating the SEP for your host site.) Download and review the Preceptors Guide. (Enhanced instruction for your onsite preceptor.)

5.) Email Membership & Education Specialist, Chris O. Biddle at to connect with any further instructions for participating in the Summer Enrichment Program.

If you have any questions, email Mr. Biddle at the above address and he will assist you.

 2015 SEP Schedule:

 Oct. 01, 2014  Registration opens for the 2015 SEP season.
 Jan. 22-23, 2015  (12:00 p.m. CST) Host Site Orientations
 Feb. 02, 2015  Matching between host sites and students begins.
 April 30, 2015  Matching between host sites and students concludes
 June 01, 2015  Most SEP 10 week internships begin.*
 August 08, 2015  Most SEP internships end.* / Graduation Webinar
 August 2015  Exit interviews & resolution of the 2015 SEP.
 Oct. 01, 2015  Registration for the 2016 SEP begins.

*Due to variable scheduling in host sites and academic universities, dates for the beginning and end of internships may vary slightly.

If you are interested in hosting an SEP intern, please contact Chris O. Biddle, Membership & Education Specialist, at or 312-422-2658 to enroll your organization today!

Updated: Oct. 3, 2014