Emerging Minority Leaders

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"The program reinforced concepts with practical examples. I highly recommend aspiring minority health leaders take this workshop. It will equip you with tools for success!"

Robert Kee, Manager of Account Implementation and Stop Loss, CFA, LLC 

Participants in the Emerging Leaders program.

“Preparing Emerging Minority Leaders in Health Care for the C-Suite”

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management has launched a new and important program to meet the challenge of leadership diversity in the executive suite.

The "Preparing Emerging Minority Leaders in Health Care for the CEO & C-Level Roles," program is designed to accelerate the preparation of mid-level health care managers and a new generation of leaders to represent the growing diversity of the U.S. patient population.

Driven by evidence-based research of successful CEOs and C-Level leaders throughout U.S. health care and business, the program is designed to meet three overarching needs:   

If you are interested in participating in the next session of the Emerging Minority Leaders Program, please contact Craig Blassingame, project operations specialist, at (312) 422-2693 or cblassingame@aha.org.  You will be notified when the next session is scheduled to take place.

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Here's what former attendees are saying about the Emerging Leaders Program: 

"I really liked the mock interview, the roundtable discussion about politics in respective organizations and how to take control of your performance evaluation. These are skills I’ve applied immediately within my organization.

I truly enjoyed this seminar and the candid content of the material. The setting was great because it allowed for 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring. In a world of rapid change in terms of diversity, this type of seminar is needed to equip minorities who may not have access to this information-and mentoring - otherwise."

Mr. Rashard Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Non-Clinical Support Services, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

"The EML program is a great opportunity to have “real conversations”. It is comforting to know that there are other minority leaders going through the same challenges. The faculty brought great experiences/case studies into this program.  The conversations were very candid and appreciated due to the small cohort."

 Ms. Trena Burke, Asst. Director of Clerkships & Research, Mt Sinai Hospital/Chicago Medical School




    treeAbout the EML Progam Presenters

Dr. Emmett Murphy is founder of Murphy Leadership, Inc. and former Chair & CEO of EC Murphy, VHA, LLC, the consulting arm of VHA America, the world's largest business and health care alliance. Murphy has served as consultant and faculty for IBM, Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School-Brigham Hospital, the State University of NY, and Beckhard Associates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others.




For more information about the Emerging Minority Leaders program, please contact Craig Blassingame, project operations specialist, at (312) 422-2693 or cblassingame@aha.org.


Updated: November 6, 2013