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From humble beginnings...


In 1994, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), and the American Hospital Association (AHA) responded to the lack of diversity in the health care management ranks by founding the Institute for Diversity in Health Management (Institute). The Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE) and, more recently, the Catholic Health Association (CHA) subsequently signed on as sponsors;  in 2002, the Institute's Board of Directors voted to formally affiliate with the AHA.


These affiliations have gone a long way toward ensuring the long-term strength and stability of the Institute. Thanks to the generosity and vision of our founders, sponsors and more than 1,000 members, the Institute has created a number of very successful programs designed to help hospitals and health systems recruit and develop diverse candidates for health care management positions at the top of their organizations, as well as help organizations to create a more diverse health care workforce overall.


With the continued support of our founders, sponsors, and members, the Institute will continue to help health care executives grow their diverse workforces—for today, tomorrow, and beyond.


We need your help.


To continue this good work, we require sponsorship and donations from people like you. Tax-deductible charitable donations to the Institute are welcomed at any level.


To learn how to become a sponsor of the Institute, please contact Jetaun Mallett, manager of operations and business development, at (312) 422-2692 or

Updated: April 9, 2015