Archive of Past Diversity Dialogues

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Equity of Care Webinar Series Part 2: Aligning Diversity and Inclusion, Community Engagement, Business Operations and Population Health Efforts to Achieve Equity featuring Cone Health

This webinar highlighted Cone Health's Accountability for Cancer Care Through Undoing Racism (ACCUR) project. Cone Health Cancer Center completed a 5-year prospective study evaluating novel methods to reduce the racial disparity between African American and white lung cancer patients. Specifically, there was an improvement in African Americans' completion of treatment from a 64 percent baseline to 96 percent. The white population also benefited with an increase from 76 percent to 96 percent.

Cone Health has also achieved Health Equity Index Leader Status, which is awarded by the Human Rights Campaign, for four consecutive years. Additionally, Cone Health leaders, physicians and staff have worked hard to increase awareness and competencies about LGBT health disparities. Cone Health has developed a culture of appreciating the diversity that exists among leaders, physicians and staff as well as shared accountability to serve the diverse needs of the patients in the community.

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Equity of Care Webinar Series Part 1: Aligning Diversity and Inclusion, Community Engagement, Business Operations and Population Health Efforts to Achieve Equity featuring Ruch University Medical Center and Advocate Health Care

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management, in collaboration with the American Hospital Association, featured two of this year’s Equity of Care honorees, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago (Rush) and Advocate Health Care, Downers Grove, Il in Part 1 of the Equity of Care Award Webinar Series. Both organizations have taken action to accelerate progress in #123forEquity pledge and will discuss their journey. Rush has made community health equity a strategic goal and has aligned business operations, population health efforts, diversity and inclusion and community engagement efforts to achieve equity. Rush has initiated an anchor mission initiative focused on hiring locally and creating career pathways, purchasing locally, impact investing locally and volunteering locally to create jobs and economic opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods. Rush has pledged to increase diversity at the director level and above. Advocate Health Care started the REaL Data Collection campaign called “We ask because we care.” Advocate also implemented Project H.E.A.L.T.H. (Healing Effectively after Leaving the Hospital), a transitional care program with the goal to reduce avoidable readmissions for patients who have asthma, diabetes and sickle cell disease by identifying barriers to recovery for patients discharged to home. Advocate established the first center of its kind in the Midwest designed to serve the South Asian community through a unique combination of community outreach, culturally sensitive advanced clinical services and research.

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Waiting for Health Equity

An exploration of two frameworks that provide new insight into how inequity operates, examine the role of health systems in addressing oppression, and discuss ways we can personally act to dismantle structural inequities. This presentation will be interactive, and your participation is strongly encouraged. Before the webinar, please read Waiting for Health Equity, a graphic novel that contextualizes health equity issues with historical and personal perspectives (approximately a 20-minute read). Following this session, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of the root causes of health inequities and ideas for building a proactive health equity movement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of the root causes of preventable health disparities

  • Recognition of the role health systems play in addressing these root causes and preventable health disparities

  • Increased confidence in explaining to others the social, political, and historical factors that impact health outcomes and access to care

  • Ideas for next steps participants can take within their organizations to identify and dismantle oppressive policies and practices

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Addressing Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Presented by CHRISTUS Health a 2016 AHA Equity of Care Award honoree

Health disparities experienced by our minority communities, as well as the poor and underserved, continue to be a challenge for all health systems. This Diversity Dialogue will examine the interrelationships between diversity and inclusion, culturally competent care, community partnerships and population health strategies. Additionally, we will discuss metrics and incentives to help promote a culture of health equity, diversity and inclusion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the relationship between patient adherence to treatment and cultural competence
  • Discuss examples of leadership-driven approaches in promoting diversity and health equity goals
  • Understand how to use external CHNA and internal EMR data sets to support community health efforts that benefit our patients and the populations that we serve
  • Discuss communication strategies to garner support in creating a health equity movement within your organization.

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Aligning LGBT Cultural Competency to Improve Safety, Quality and Equity in Health Care

Learn how to communicate in a way that is sensitive and inclusive for LGBTQ patients and families and learn about local and national LGBTQ health disparities and best practices in the care of LGBTQ patients. This webinar discusses how hospitals and providers can provide inclusive communication and health needs for the field include: 

  1. LGBTQ Terminology
  2. Concepts of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO/GI)
  3. LGBTQ Health Disparities/Health Equity
  4. Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) as Organizing Tool for Improvement
  5. Christiana Care Health System’s Journey in LGBTQ Health

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define health and health care disparities, health equity, and social determinants of health.
  • Apply practical knowledge of how cultural competence can be used to improve safety, quality and patient experience outcomes.

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  • Timothy D. Rodden MDiv, MA, BCC, FACHE, System Coordinator, LGBTQ Health Initiatives and Director, Pastoral Services Christiana Care Health System, Co-Chair, United Way of Delaware PRIDE LGBTQ Health Equity Task Force
  • Nelson F. Sanchez, MD, assistant attendng of medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, chair of the Annual National LGBT Health Workforce Conference and vice president of Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians Initiative

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Project H.E.A.L.T.H.: A Shift to Community-Based Outreach

Project Healing Effectively after Leaving the Hospital (HEALTH) explores a transitional care program aimed at improving patient health outcomes and reducing avoidable readmissions among patients discharged from the hospital. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to develop community outreach programs that use a multidisciplinary team to focus on reducing readmissions.
  • Learn about creative health care strategies that use community health workers to work with patients.
  • Learn how to create community health programs designed to meet the business needs of your health care organization.

Presenter: Jackie Rouse, MHA, Director Community Health, South Region, Advocate Health Care

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Race and Medicine: A Physician’s Perspective on Race in Medicine

In collaboration with AHA's Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence and Physician Leadership Forum 

A podcast that discusses:

  • The prescription for a medical culture that allows patients cross the line with racial discrimination
  • How to support all care providers with direct contact with difficult patients
  • Practitioner ideas and care delivery innovations to protect staff and provide better service

Presenter: Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA., author of "The Racist Patient"

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The Changing Law of Language Access: Making Progress in Turbulent Times

A discussion on how hospitals and providers can continue to make progress in the language access field as we explore:

  • The “Business, Medical and Legal Cases” for language access in healthcare
  • The current state of language access law for LEP and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients
  • New 2016 changes to Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Best practices for making language access improvements in turbulent political times


  • David Hunt, J.D., President and CEO of Critical Measures
  • Kathleen To, System Manager, Linguistic Services for Swedish Health Services

Duration:      90 minutes 

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Inclusive, Local Hiring: Building the Pipeline to a Healthy Community

David Zuckerman, Manager for Healthcare Engagement for The Democracy Collaborative, will share how health systems can implement “outside in” and “inside up” strategies for local hiring policies and become a more intentional anchor to better the welfare of the low-income communities they serve. In addition, Debbi Perkul, Senior Workforce Development Professional, will share University Hospitals’ (UH) story.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio and a member of the Institute, UH is working in partnership with community-based organizations to connect local and diverse residents from disinvested neighborhoods surrounding the institution to available frontline positions. This intentional partnership provides internal career development and advancement opportunities for residents.


  • Debbi Perkul, Senior Workforce Development Professional, University Hospitals
  • David Zuckerman, Manager for Healthcare Engagement for The Democracy Collaborative

Duration:      90 Minutes

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Creating a Health Equitable Organization at Navicent Health

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management and HPOE collaborated to feature Navicent Health, one of this year's Equity of Care Award honorees. Navicent Health has taken action to accelerate progress in ll areas of the pledge, and the CEO will discuss the hospital's journey.

Presenter: Ninfa Saunders, Ph.D., president and CEO, Navicent Health

Duration:   60 minutes

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Achieving Health Equity- A discussion with the 2016 Equity of Care Award winner- Cleveland Clinic

This webinar focuses on the Cleveland Clinic's best practices around the collection and stratification of race, ethnicity and language preference (REaL) data, cultural competency training and other key programs focused on decreasing disparities in care.


  • Brian Donley, MD, chief of staff, Cleveland Clinic
  • Le Joyce Naylor, MA, CCDP/AP, chief diversity and inclusion officer, Cleveland Clinic
  • Charles Modlin, MD, MBA, FACS, director, Minority Men's Health Center, Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute

Duration:   60 minutes

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Regional Health

Discussion on how the health system is addressing Native American Health as well as the action steps they have implemented as a result of taking the pledge to eliminate healthcare disparities.


  • Paulette Davidson, chief operating officer, Regional Health,
  • Sandra A. Ogunremi, DHA, director, Native American Collaboration, Regional Health

Duration:      90 minutes

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Change and Diversity: Two Constants in a Tumultuous Health Care Environment

This webinar discussed the dramatic changes in the health care environment as it moves toward a delivery system focused on valued-based care, population health, consumerism and outpatient services. A former chair of the AHA board, Lofton also highlighted key leadership traits as well as efforts across the industry to enhance diversity and the quality of care for all patients.

Presenter: Kevin E. Lofton, CEO of Englewood, Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives

Duration:   90 minutes

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