Archive of Past Diversity Dialogues


Thank you for your interest in accessing our past Diversity Dialogues, which we offer as .MP3 files, free of charge, to our members.  Individuals not affiliated with member organizations may purchase recordings of past webinars for $99 each. 

Please contact Pamela Janniere, Manager of Membership, Marketing and Education, at to request copies of past Diversity Dialogues, and stay tuned to our website for information on upcoming events. 


Here is a list of the available recorded Diversity Dialogues:


"Unleashing the Power of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Deliver Patient-Centered Care."

Presenters: Linda Stokes, President and CEO, PRISM International, Inc. and Andres Gonzalez, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

This webinar provided practical tips and examples for aligning Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to reach peak performance and deliver against health care systems’ strategic priorities. In addition, the five factors for successful ERGs, ERG levels of maturity and growth, and examples of key initiatives to drive results were explored.


"Best Practices in LGBT-Patient Centered Care for Hospitals."

Presenters: Tari Hanneman, Health and Aging Associate Director, Human Rights Campaign and Marci Hoze, Director, Patient Care Services, UC Davis Medical Center

This webinar discussed how the nation's hospitals, including UC Davis Medical Center, are responding to intensifying calls to provide LGBT patient-centered care, as well as policies and practices affecting LGBT patients and employees that hospitals have been swiftest to implement, including challenges in executing them.


"Things to Know When Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Video Interpretation and American Sign Language."

Presenter: Victor Collazo, American Sign Language Operations Manager, CyraCom

This webinar provided an overview of commonly asked questions and misconceptions about American Sign Language, deaf culture, and working with an interpreter, as well as best practices and tips for respectful and effective communication.


"Asian Health Care and Disparities Reduction."

Presenter: Ram Raju, M.D., President and CEO, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

This webinar discussed discussed current disparities that exist relative to Asian health care, as well as remedial strategies that health care organizations can implement to help reduce disparities. Recordings of this webinar are restricted to current members of the Institute for Diversity.


"Diversity and Inclusion: An Integrated Approach for Achieving Health Equity."

Presenter: Ryan Parker, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

This webinar, hosted by one of the Institute’s “Best In Class” hospitals, discussed how to leverage shared accountability, organizational goal alignment, and institute employee diversity at all levels to remove barriers in providing safe, quality, and culturally competent care.  


"Risk Profile of New Exchange Entrants: Implications and Opportunities for Health Care Systems."

Presenters: Alexis Levy and Brandon Solomon of Healthscape Advisors

This webinar discussed the importance of providers understanding the underlying principles of risk adjustment and its impact on provider-health plan relationships.


"The December Dilemma: Managing the Challenges of the Holiday Season."

Presenters: Lynn Stoller, Assistant Program Director, Health Care and Eliza Blanchard,Program Associate, Workplace and Health Care, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

This webinar explored the subtle and obvious ways that religion emerges in the health care workplace during the holiday season, and provided participants with best practices for proactively addressing issues that will arise – both in employee interactions and patient care – to create a respectful and inclusive work environment during the holidays and year-round.


"Serving the Most Vulnerable: Population Health and the Reduction of Health Care Disparities."

Presenters: Jack Lynch, President and CEO, Main Line Health and Chinwe Onyekere, Director of Ambulatory Services and Business Development, Lankenau Medical Center/Main Line Health

This webinar provided an overview of the multiple cases that can be made to support language access services, including, legal and regulatory cases, risk management, quality improvement, market care, and leadership.


"Equity of Care – State Level Perspectives on Reducing Health Care Disparities."

Presenters: Carmela Coyle, President and CEO, Maryland Hospital Association, Craig Becker, President, Tennessee Hospital Association and Marcos Pesquera, Executive Director, Center on Health Disparities at Adventist HealthCare in Maryland

This webinar explored the concept of population health and community health as a way to address health care disparities, and promoted innovative strategies for leveraging population health.


"Is Hospital Cultural Competency Associated with Better HCAHPS Scores?"

Presenters: Dr. Robert Weech-Maldonado, MBA, PhD, Professor and L.R. Jordan endowed chair with the Department of Health Services Administration University of Alabama at Birmingham and Jonathan Levy, Director of language services at CyraCom International

This webinar, in conjunction with the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET), examined the relationship between cultural competency practices and HCAHPS scores.


"Warrior-Centric Health Care Training: The Need for Cultural Competency Training for Military and Veteran Communities."

Presenters: Ronald Steptoe, CEO of the Steptoe Group and Dr. Evelyn Lewis, President and CEO of Evelyn Lewis International | the PECAN Chronicles; Chief Medical Officer of The Steptoe Group, LLC.

This webinar discussed Cultural Competency Training for Military and Veteran Communities, as well as the disparities in access to care many veterans and their family communities face.


Updated: July 30, 2015