CDO Spotlight

Adrian Taylor, Director of Diversity, Premier Health


Adrian Taylor, director of diversity, has been with Premier Health (Premier) for close to three years. Premier is the largest health services provider in Southwest Ohio with over 13,000 employees and five hospitals.  Mr. Taylor’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing the diversity and inclusion initiative, which includes a talent pipeline, recruitment and retention components;
  • Leading the award-winning supplier diversity program;
  • Supporting and sponsoring local organizations through community engagement that mirror Premier’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and
  • Promoting cultural competence, which ultimately impacts how team members treat each other and the patients.

Premier will be recognized as a model of inclusion earning the choice of patients, employees, physicians and the greater community to serve their diverse needs.  This mission is galvanized in the organization through:

  • Opportunities provided to new employees and diverse vendors in the community; 
  • The voice Premier’s diverse workforce has within the organization and its continual evolution of an inclusive environment; and 
  • The personal and professional accountability leadership embraces to leverage the diverse talent in its organization.

Whom does your position report to?

Mr. Taylor reports directly to the Chief Human Resource Officer, with a dotted line to the Chief Purchasing Officer.

How many team members support the work?

There is one person, an HR/diversity consultant, matrixed to Mr. Taylor.  However, Premier allows for each of the sites to have a Diversity Council with subcommittees that operate in the same capacity as an employee research group. Additionally, Premier’s volunteers are involved in the diversity and inclusion work.

Discuss the top two priorities at your organization and what are you doing to contribute to those priorities?

Premier’s three-year strategic plan includes five pillars linked to operational excellence. One of those pillars, called “People,” focuses on recruiting, retaining, engaging and developing a world-class employee base and leadership development. The office of diversity effectively augments the strategic plan through: 

  • Developing internal partnerships that increase organizational engagement.
  • Supporting and collaborating with Premier’s Learning Institute’s first official diverse mentoring program.
  • Providing the necessary support for the establishment of business resource groups.
  • Offering training solutions for new and existing leaders in its organization.

Premier is focused on diverse recruiting efforts to meet its challenging pre-established health care diversity goals by:

  • Developing talent from within its organization and through internal promotions.
  • Researching how to be aligned with community organizations that can help achieve diversity demands.
  • Collaborating with state agencies and job fairs.
  • Partnering with local high schools and colleges to expose students to gainful employment opportunities with Premier.

What are the top two challenges encountered in your role and how do you navigate those challenges?

Two challenges that occupy a good portion of Mr. Taylor’s time are:

  1. Ensuring that leadership does not lose focus on the importance of creating an inclusive work environment; and  
  2. Achieving the organization’s supplier diversity goals/initiatives.

To effectively execute the strategic plans, Mr. Taylor pursues and secures opportunities to present and educate on leadership. Mr. Taylor also asks his leadership to partner with the office of diversity to create an environment where employees believe they can embody Premier’s values while bringing their full selves to work. 

Briefly discuss some of the future priorities you envision that CDO’s must be focused on and why?

Directors/CDOs should focus on ensuring:

  • Leadership is educated and aware of their responsibility to keep diversity and inclusion efforts are top-of-mind.
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts are incentivized and fully supported
  • Inclusion is the lens through which both line staff and leadership see the work of diversity and inclusion in the organization.
  • Building a successful internal brand that can help propel diversity and inclusion initiatives to new levels within the organization.  If this is not in place and maintained, it could slow, and even eliminate, forward momentum of the program.

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